On Tuesday, ‘Glee‘ introduced us to Santana’s homophobic and unapproved grandmother in the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ episode, and though the newly outed Troubletones singer mentioned that her parents are supportive of her sexuality, we did not get to meet them. That will change early next year when Gloria Estefan enters the ‘Glee’ realm to portray Santana’s mom.

It’s no coincidence that Estefan, a ’90s icon, is the second Latin guest star to be announced this week. ‘She Bangs’ hitmaker Ricky Martin will also make an appearance as McKinley High’s new Spanish teacher, and according to EW.com, the two pop stars will show up in the same episode.

From what we hear, Estefan’s music will be a centerpiece of the episode — which is estimated to air in January — and we’re betting that Mr. Martin will be the one to teach the kids how to get down, Spanish style. One source says that the entire cast are, “really really big fans of hers and we love her music and her husband’s music.”

P.S. Can you see the family resemblance between the new hire and Santana? Because we totally can! Casting win!

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