Glee’ fans are in a panic after FOX revealed the network’s fall lineup and the musical drama was nowhere to be found.

The television series will be airing its fifth season finale tomorrow (May 13), marking the end of the show’s presence for the rest of 2014. That’s right, Gleeks, we have to wait eight months to see our beloved Lima natives on our screens again.

According to E! News, FOX exec Kevin Reilly came to the new schedule’s defense, claiming that the delayed start will be a benefit for the show and sharing some additional info on what decisions are being made.

The sixth season of ‘Glee’ will “be its last, for sure,” Reilly confirmed.

And even though the final season is scheduled for 22 episodes, that number isn’t guaranteed. “The order is currently for 22,” Reilly added, “but we’re actually going to sit down with [co-creator] Ryan Murphy and really talk about how we’re going to end it and figure that out. We’re going to sit down and talk about exactly the best way to end the show now and how much that is.”

So why is the late start a good thing? Reilly shared that when Glee does make its midseason TV return, all of the episodes will air in a row. If we survive the eight-month drought, that’s all the waiting we’ll have to endure, at least.

Meanwhile, Lea Michele remembered her late boyfriend Cory Monteith by tweeting a touching birthday tribute yesterday (May 11). Lea tragically lost her co-star and partner after an accidental overdose last July.

The photo shows the couple sharing a sweet moment and laughing together. Cory would have turned 32.

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