Eating out when you have food allergies can be tough - but soon, things will get easier. CNY is preparing to welcome a gluten- and dairy-free cafe and bakery.

City Sweets, which is currently operating on a limited hour basis on Main Street in Utica, has announced they plan to expand and open a full-service bakery and cafe in the city.

Owner Alyssa Williams made the announcement on Facebook. "Ever since I was young, I have wanted to open a breakfast/lunch restaurant. It has been the household joke every time I made a good meal, we would say "Add it to the menu!" And so... I decided to do just that! We are opening City Sweets Bakery & Cafe! A 100% dedicated Gluten Free & Dairy Free cafe, serving Breakfast AND Lunch! (And of course our baked goods too!)"

Alyssa explains that as a parent of a child with severe allergies, she wants to make dining out an option for anyone who struggles with the same challenges.

"This is my driving factor in this decision. I can't be the only person who has a child who can never go out to eat like everyone else, and enjoy a meal that tastes good, and doesn't make them feel left out, and doesn't cause the parent to have a heart attack every time they start to eat the food they've been given."

City Sweets will continue to operate out of their location in the Doyle Building on Saturdays, from 9am - 2pm, until April 1st. City Sweets has not yet announced their new location.

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