A few months ago, I took part in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign, in order to raise money and awareness to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society in fighting breast cancer.

Today, January 25th, we bring you National Big Wig Day. We're all urged to celebrate by donning the biggest, wildest wig we get our hands on, then having a party to raise funds to donate to the American Cancer Society Look Good/Feel Better division. The key is not to give big, but try to entice a ton of people to give just a buck.

In some ways, we are the Big Wigs in our own lives, with larger influence than we think. National Big Wig Day can make a difference and improve the lives of others.

Let's see if 1 million people will give at least one dollar each, because even a dollar can have a major impact, By displaying a big wig on the outside, we can ALL become BIG WIGS in the fight against cancer. Use #NationalBigWigDay on social media. For more information, here's the American Cancer Society's Central New York page.

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