The pandemic and the associated closures and cancellations has led to "one of the most difficult periods" in the history of the Stanley Theater in Utica.

The pandemic has led to the cancellation of concerts and other performances, along with the closure of venues and theaters like the Stanley Center for the Arts. The economic is so great, the Stanley is turning to the community for support, in the form of a Go Fund Me campaign.

The campaign has set a fundraising goal of $15,000 in order to keep the 90-year-old theater "up and running." As of this writing, $1,120 has been raised.

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and Governor Cuomo’s ban on large gatherings in New York, The Stanley Theatre is facing one of the most difficult periods in its history.

With your support during these difficult times we will continue to be one of the most loved and respected historic venues in Central New York.

During a time of crisis, the best in humanity prevails. Nothing shows character quite like generosity and we know the people who support The Stanley Theatre have the greatest character of all.

So, we are asking for anyone who has the means to donate what they can to help keep The Stanley up-and-running long after this time of crisis is over.

The Stanley was forced to cancel several performances this year, as was Broadway Utica. The Stanley is hopeful their community of supporters will come together to ensure the theater's future, because "the show must go on."

"We promise the music will sound a little richer, the company of others will be a little sweeter and the feeling of normalcy will make us all a little happier," says the Stanley.

You can donate to the Go Fund Me HERE.


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