Meet the third member of this year's 'Go Red For Women Survivor Class,' Donna Myers. She shares her heart attack story with us...

Donna suffered from a heart attack seven years ago. She had no idea she had even had a heart attack until the doctors told her. Donna mentions in the video (above), that she wasn't having any big symptoms - She wasn't feeling any chest pain, or having shortness of breath, she had no back pain or neck pain, or anything like that. She did mention she was more tired than usual, but didn't think it was anything.

In the video (at the top of this page), Donna says she went to the doctor because she was retaining fluid around her legs. The doctor ran a bunch of tests and then ended up having Donna go to the hospital. That's when they told her she had had a heart attack.

She was so shocked! How could she have had a heart attack without any major symptoms? Donna had a triple bypass and was told she had congestive heart failure.

This wasn't the moment Donna decided to get involved with the American Heart Association, she had actually been a part of their events for many years before. Donna had been a part of the Heart Walk ever since her mother started having heart problems. The only heart walk she missed was the year her mother passed away.

Donna explains that her mother had six siblings. Five of those siblings passed away due to heart disease. You can hear more about the family's connection to heart issues in the video (at the top of this page).

As for Donna? Her recovery is going well. She says her doctor tells her to do a little more each day, so she finds herself walking a little bit further each day, and pushing herself a little bit more at a time. She's happy to be a part of this year's "Go Red For Women Survivor Class" so she can share her story with others. She wants people to learn from her mistakes, and know that you can still live on after a heart attack.

We want to thank Donna for sharing her heart attack story. Over the last few weeks we've been featuring each member of the "2018 Go Red For Women Survivor Class" and sharing their heart stories. You can hear their stories at the link below:

We'll also be keeping you updated on 'Go Red For Women' events coming up in the community, including the Go Red For Women Luncheon at Hart's Hill Inn in May. You can get more details on the luncheon at the link below:




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