Meet Lenora Murad - she was in congestive heart failure and needed open heart surgery. She is also a member of the 'Go Red Survivor Class.'

When she was around 30, she went to her doctor for a regular physical. He had asked her if she had ever been diagnosed with a heart murmur. This, her doctor asked after looking at her family history.

Lenora went to see a cardiologist, and found out that she did in fact, have a heart murmur. Her sister was diagnosed at about the same time Lenora found out she had this condition. Instead of taking care of it right away, she put her health on hold to focus on her sister. It was only after her sister's condition was being treated that Lenora came forward and told her doctor that she was having more symptoms. She had more tests done and was told she would probably need surgery sooner or later.

She went home and wasn't feeling 'right.' Although she tried to ignore it, her daughter ended up talking her into going back to the doctor's office. She ended up getting admitted to the hospital, and they told her she was going to need open heart surgery.

What was happening didn't quite click-in with Lenora. She thought she could go home then come back for the surgery on a later day. They explained to her she was in congestive heart failure and she would have to stay and have the surgery.

Lenora explains why she is a member of the American Heart Association's "Go Red Survivor Class" in the video above. If you would like to honor her as a member of the survivor class, you can donate here.

Each week, as we get closer to the "Go Red for Women" Luncheon, we'll be spotlighting another local heart survivor. You can get more details on this luncheon, and how you can be part of an amazing cause for women's health, at the link below:

You can also see more survivor stories, and more members of the American Heart Association's "Go Red Survivor Class," by clicking the button below:



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