For me the 80s had some great times, there were some items that I wish were still around today, but there are a few that I'm glad are gone.


GOOD RIDDANCE: Items That Should Stay In The 80s

The 80s brings back some fond memories for many of us, sometimes I sit back and reminisce about some of the games we played and some of the items we used to get certain jobs done. Although at the time, some of those items seemed like there were the best things ever, like, remember the first time you rode a bike and you had to pedal backward once to stop, then they came out with the brakes on the handlebars, I never wanted to ride my old bike again. Do you remember what it was like to try to download songs with a dial-up internet service? and the songs never finished because your internet had timed out. There were a lot of good times and things that were fun to use in the 80s. Here are a few items that I'm sure many of wouldn't mind leaving in the 80s.

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