It looks like the Uticans will have to find somewhere else to ski, sled, and go tubing this winter. Mark Ford, the operator of the Val Bialas Sports Center says he's not re-opening this year. Ford publicly gave his 90-day notice on the center's Facebook page.


Ford says the good weather has been detrimental for the center. This spring, Val Bialas also opened a driving range, but it wasn't enough to keep the center open.

In a statement to, Utica Mayor Palmieri said the city will try to reopen the center. According to the statement,  “after meeting and coordinating with appropriate city personnel, the city’s goal is to operate the ski area on a limited basis when the weather conditions allow the ski area to be utilized.”

It's too early to tell if this winter's weather will bring enough snow to open the center for skiing or tubing.



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