It's no secret that hockey fans are thrilled that NHL action returns to the ice this weekend. If you've been to a hockey game you've seen that truck, a Zamboni, come out to smooth out and resurface the ice. Today is it's inventor, Frank Zamboni’s 112th birthday, if he was still with us. In honor of this, Google has created a very fun interactive Google Doodle. How would you like to get behind the wheel of a “Zamboni”?
This Google Doodle plays likes a video game. Skaters will come out and mess up the ice, and it is your job to clean it up. To navigate, you can either use your up, down, left, right, arrow keys, or you can use your mouse. Remember that each time you successfully resurface the ice, a new, more difficult, level begins. Compete with your co-workers by gathering up the most points. Google created similar doodles during last years Olympics. Enjoy doodling!