POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: Rumors have been flying around about Jon Snow and his death... but is he really dead? There isn't a definite answer yes or no, but a lot of clues point to his return.

Kit Harington from 'Game of Thrones'
Photo by: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment

Now this isn't a complete spoiler - I'm not saying John Snow is coming back for Season Six. I'm not saying he's going to come back from the dead in the series, but rumors have been suggesting that. There's a few reasons why people believe Kit Harington (the actor that plays John Snow) is going to be in the upcoming season.

Apparently Kit Harington has been spotted in situations that would suggest he's still a part of the HBO show. According to TV Guide,

Not only did he show up at Wimbledon still sporting his Thrones hairdo, but now he's been spotted in Belfast, Ireland, one of the HBO drama's main filming locations.

The reason sporting his GOT hairdo was such a big deal... because he had told people before when he was done with Game of Thrones he was cutting his hair. (Apparently he doesn't like the long locks).

This is all still speculation, but who knows? Maybe he will be a part of season six. Maybe he won't, and it was just a way to get people to think they know what's going on, when really they don't. We'll just have to wait until the season six premiere (although we probably won't know until halfway through the season...).



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