What was supposed to be something that eventually would be free of charge is now one of the biggest expenses for business owners, farmers, and commuters. The New York State Thruway is no doubt convenient, however the price of tolls can be quite cumbersome. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan he has to fix that problem.

1. One of the first things he wants to do is freeze the tolls for all Thruway travelers until the year 2020. What this means is the tolls on NY's I-90 will not increase until then.

2. Next, he wants to eliminate all tolls for agricultural traffic. This would benefit people in the farming industry dramatically.

3. If you are a frequent commercial and commuter thruway traveler, he wants to offer a tax credit that will cut your tolls in half. This is just one of the many ways Gov. Cuomo wants to make doing business in New York a little more pleasant.

This plan is all part of his proposed 2016 budget and the plan will cost around $1 Billion.

[Source: Syracuse.com]

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