If you ever do quick a text message while your car is stopped at a red light, you are not breaking the law.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is hoping to close the loophole that allows us to use our cellphones while we're on the roadway, but not moving.

In his recent State of the State address, the Governor mentioned two proposals regarding the use of electronic devices while driving.  According to the Times Union, one is to ban the use of those devices while the vehicle is on the roadway even if it's not moving.  You could still text or make a call if you pull off the highway.  The other proposal is to band the use of electronic devices by any driver under the age of 18.

The current state law make it illegal for drivers to talk while the phone is in hand, as will as texting or playing games while the car is moving.   The law says nothing about texting while your vehicle is not in motion.

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