There really is a TV junkie in all of us. We all have shows we've watched 100 times and have the story memorized by heart. We know all the words to every episode and make references to it on the daily. You have YOUR favorite shows... but what really are the greatest shows of all time?

YouTube TV partnered with OnePoll to create a list of the top TV shows of all time, voted on by TV junkies like you. With 2,000 people surveyed, all 35 shows are ranked by the percentage of people who voted for them.

Who came in at #1? No surprise that 'Friends' dominated the list with 43% of people voting for the show. It's hard to name one person that hasn't heard of or seen the show. Let alone the people who reference the show in just about every conversation.

Here's a full list of YouTube TV's Top 20 shows:

  1. Friends - 43%
  2. Seinfeld - 40%
  3. Game of Thrones - 37%
  4. Three's Company - 36%
  5. Frasier - 36%
  6. The Office - 36%
  7. MASH - 35%
  8. Battlestar Galactica - 30%
  9. The Simpsons - 29%
  10. The Wire - 28%
  11. Twin Peaks - 27%
  12. Family Guy - 27%
  13. The Sopranos - 26%
  14. Sex and the City - 24%
  15. American Dad - 23%
  16. Law and Order - 23%
  17. Grey's Anatomy - 23%
  18. Bob's Burgers - 23%
  19. Community - 21%
  20. Big Brother - 21%

What's great about this list is that multiple shows on it actually reference Central NY in one way or another. The Office, which came in at #6, has an episode focused on Utica. What's even cooler is the episode starts off with a box of Holland Farm's donuts sitting at the front desk.

The Simpsons have also given several nods to Upstate New York and Utica. In their episode titled "D'oh Canada", the Simpsons drive through New York and sing a song based off of it. They recreate the center of Utica and Homer even appears as the Mayor of Oriskany.

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