Spectrum is ready to move into the future in Central New York. It's an end of an era for cable boxes.

Spectrum is phasing out the cable box and replacing it with a coaster-sized device. This device will compete better against streaming TV services. Meet the Xumo Stream Box. This new box allows customers to stream the cable channels they have until now received through clunky cable set-top boxes. Spectrum also says this could save customers money.

Xumo Stream Box is a device that plugs into most smart TVs, allowing instant access to live Spectrum TV and your other favorite streaming apps. With the voice remote, finding something to watch is quick and easy. Plus, you can customize your experience using the My List feature to store favorites from all your apps in one place.

The companies are hoping the national rollout of their first streaming device will help them hold the line against increasing competition from multiple streaming TV services.

According to Syracuse.com, customers can buy it outright for $60 or rent it for $5 a month. The rental option is $6 cheaper than the $10.99 monthly equipment fee that Spectrum charges for a cable box. There has never been an option to buy your cable box.

Existing Spectrum customers can turn in their cable boxes and buy or rent a Xumo at Spectrum stores, through Spectrum.com, or by calling a Spectrum customer service agent."

A Spectrum spokesperson confirmed that customers could turn in their cable boxes, saving them the monthly rental fee, and use the Spectrum TV app on the streaming device of their choice on all their televisions too.

There is no word when they will all together kill cable boxes, but the rollout is coming. You can learn more online here.

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