Canadian elf princess and DIY alt-pop artist Grimes has announced a brand new headlining tour, her first since 2012. Supported by special guest Nicole Dollanganger, Grimes' glamorously titled Rhinestone Cowgirls Tour will make its debut, appropriately, at the Growlers Beach Goth Festival on October 24 in Santa Ana, CA. The tour will also hit Los Angeles, Vancouver, Austin, New York City, Philadelphia, Montreal, Boston, Chicago, and other major cities across North America through the fall.

In addition to the newly announced tour, Grimes also stars as next month's NYLON cover girl, covering the magazine's October 2015 issue. Inside the magazine, the multi-talented musical artist discusses going (or rather, not going) to bars in Canada, possibly offending Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld, and more.

Here are a few of our favorite excerpts from the chat:

On club culture in Canada:

"In Canada, everyone just goes to illegal venues. Liquor is taxed, and to actually go to a bar is so outrageously expensive that no one—at least no one I know—would go."

On decorating her hair with roses sent by Karl Lagerfeld:

"I put them in my hair, and he didn’t seem stoked about it. He was like, 'Well, that’s fresh!' I was like, 'Oh no!'"

On learning to make music while making it:

"I was just trying to make stuff I hadn’t heard before, but that was still satisfying. On my other albums, I was really learning how to make music—they weren’t so much albums as just literally the stuff I was making as I was learning how to make music. And this time around, I just wanted to hone my craft."

On blending history with science fiction in her music:

"I’m really into pre-Renaissance music. I also like combining that with modern sounds. The best science fiction references the idea of cultures from different time periods colliding, like what happens when all this technology is ripped out, like when Genghis Khan came in and destroyed all this stuff that had been invented, like aqueducts, and sent everyone back to the Stone Age. What would it have been like to be that generation?"

On knowing how to pee into a water bottle while on the road:

"I can aim really well. But the first second is always a bit hazardous…"

Dying to read more? (And who wouldn't after that last statement?) Check it out on NYLON here!

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