The distinction of queen might usually be a right assigned by birth, but at PopCrush, you'll decide which of Hollywood's up-and-coming starlets will reign over Tinseltown. This ain't your grandmother's monarchy...

On the heels of our Beach Babe and Beach Hunk tournaments, which named Lady Gaga and Harry Styles, respectively, as your official emblems of summertime, we're scouring entertainment's fresh talent to nail down an official King and Queen of the under-21 set. They might not be able to enjoy a specialty cocktail at the bar, but they can still generate a buzz all the same.

In one of the Royal Wars' opening rounds, we're asking you to make a choice between "Shower" singer Becky G, and she who proudly loves herselfHailee Steinfeld. Only one can move on in the quest to reign over Young Hollywood, so who will it be?

The 18-year-old Steinfeld, whose brand new empowerment anthem shows a ton of pop-promise, earned an Oscar nomination as a teenager for her role in True Grit. Clearly, she knows what it takes to stand out—a quality that would befit any queen.

Fellow 18-year-old Becky G notched her very first Billboard Top 20 hit in 2014 with "Shower," and landed on the Hot 100 a second time with "Can't Stop Dancin'." The singer, rapper and songwriter is also one of CoverGirls' newest faces—is she the face of your idealized superstar empire, too?

Which young starlet do you think deserves the crown and scepter most? You have until August 24 at 5 PM to vote for your favorite. Go, go, go! And if you haven't yet, vote in the rest of the Queens of Young Hollywood polls now.

Queen of Young Hollywood Round One

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