It's 4th and 10 with just a minute remaining in the game. The Buffalo Bills must convert for a chance to win the game. In this tough scenario most NFL quarterbacks would come up short, but not Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, one of my heroes. I've enjoyed Jim's company on many occasions and I'm writing this story with a heavy heart. Jim's battle with cancer is now the toughest battle he's ever had to face. With emotion, he discusses his fight, his faith and the fact that he now needs a feeding tube.

Okay, that last one got to me...looks like I'll wrap this up with a tear in my eye.
The Buffalo News Reports:

The treatments should be done by the end of the month. Then Kelly will have to wait about two months, probably into August, to see how well the treatments worked. He’s under the care of Dr. Thom R. Loree, director of the department of head and neck and plastic and reconstructive surgery at Erie County Medical Center.

Keep up the fight Jim! Buffalo Bills fans everywhere love you and we know, after watching you on the field, your resolve to fight and win is fierce!

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