As far as holidays go, I don't really care for Halloween, despite what the photo suggests.

Don't get me wrong. I think all the kids dressed up as princesses and superheroes and ghosts and other creatures are cute. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they show up on the doorstep to trick or treat. And I also get a kick out of watching their parents chaperoning the whole process from the background.

In 2018, Halloween retail spending in the U.S. was estimated at about $9 billion. That's a lot of mini Snickers bars and scary masks--and adults acting foolish.

Dressing up and going to parties is just not my thing. Even though I'll admit the Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken costumes Beth came up with for us two years ago (pictured) WERE pretty cool.

I just think (mostly) adults should leave the costumes to the kids. And, when I say kids, I mean pre-teens. By the time you hit your teenage years, you should be done with Halloween. After that, the only times you should be putting on special outfits is to graduate, play a sport, or enlist in the military. Change my mind.

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