With the chaos of 2013 Upfronts behind us and most network series approaching, or airing their season finales, us TV writers assumed the biggest bombs had already been dropped. Enter today's Xbox One reveal presentation from Microsoft, revealing that Steven Spielberg will produce a 'Halo' live-action TV series based on the ever-popular games of the same name! Apparently!

Well, that certainly put the whiskey in our coffees. Microsoft has announced that at long last a live-action 'Halo' project has finally gotten off the ground, with legendary director Steven Spielberg attached to produce! Details are scarce for the moment, but we've gleamed the 'Halo' TV series will likely prove an Xbox original, akin to Netflix's recent entries into the original content market.

As most 'Halo' fans well know, attempts at a live-action adaptation of the franchise have gone on forever, Peter Jackson notably first tasked with directing. Last year, Microsoft released live-action series 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' as a precursor to the launch of 'Halo 4.'

We'll keep our eyes out for any news on the big Xbox One reveal of a 'Halo' TV series, but what say you? Could the franchise finally have the epic adaptation it deserves, courtesy of Steven Spielberg? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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