There's something that the towns of Hamilton, Norwich and Bridgewater have in common: they have all been the home of Blueox Neighborhood Markets for years. That will soon be changing as another convenience store brand has bought them out of their stores, and we're pretty sure this is a change you will love.

According to, Stewart’s Shops has purchased the business from Blueox Corporation. The purchase allows the brand to change over the Blueox stores in Hamilton, Norwich, Bridgewater, Upton, Ithaca and Fort Plain.

Information released by Stewart's indicates that Blueox will continue to distribute fuel and energy at those locations - and employees will keep their jobs, just will be moved under the Stewart's Shops name and operations. No one will lose their jobs.

“We look forward to the opportunity to further serve the Blueox market that they have served so well for the past three plus decades and we look forward to welcoming Blueox employees to the Stewart’s family,” said Stewart’s Shops President Gary Dake.

Members of these communities are looking forward to having an option for fuel, breakfast, lunch, ice cream and shopping for other necessities all in one place.

"I think it's great that a local company is taking over another for local company - that it's not some super big conglomerate taking over," said Steven Broedel of Eaton. "It'll be a great addition to the Hamilton community, and I'm happy to hear that they're finally doing something there."

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Rumors in Hamilton specifically have been spreading around the community for years of possible acquisitions for their particular Blueox location.

"It will be a great addition," said Clyde Benedict of Hamilton. "My family loves everything that Stewart's offers in other locations and can't wait to see it open here."

Melissa Church of Smyrna works at Lowes in Norwich and commutes daily. She says her and her coworkers will be excited to have another option before work each day.

"I know a lot of people I work with at Lowe’s go to Dunkin in the morning but there are several workers who will drive to New Berlin to get their Stewart’s before work. I personally would be stopping there for a shake and to get gas."

Details as to when to expect the flip have not been announced, but the acquisition is expected to be finalized in September of 2021. As we learn more, we'll keep you updated.

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