Gas Gauge Arrow
Maybe you've noticed it before and never given it a second thought. What does the triangle indicator next to the gas tank mean? This feature has been added to virtually all cars since the mid 2000's, but many people still don't realize what it is trying to tell you.
Most Retro Gas Station
The Albany discussion board on reddit recently noted a Petrol gas station on US 9W in Glenmont, south of Albany has a 70s look and feel. Is that the most retro gas station in New York?
Gas Stations Finish Conversion
Perhaps Speedway's jingle "We're on your way, the convenient stores of Speedway" will becomes as familiar to Central New Yorkers as the iconic green Hess and their holiday season toy trucks.
Major Changes Coming
A major change will be coming to the familiar green Hess gas stations in Central New York following a merger with another convenience store chain.
Gas Prices Continue To Fall
I can't remember the last time gas was close to being under $3 a gallon. I noticed the sign on my way to work this morning. Despite the drop at the pumps, Utica still sees higher prices that most of the nation. Even Syracuse has lower prices.

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