What Is That Arrow On Your Car's Gas Gauge?
Maybe you've noticed it before and never given it a second thought. What does the triangle indicator next to the gas tank mean? This feature has been added to virtually all cars since the mid 2000's, but many people still don't realize what it is trying to tell you.
Gas Prices Continue To Fall at Utica Pumps
I can't remember the last time gas was close to being under $3 a gallon. I noticed the sign on my way to work this morning. Despite the drop at the pumps, Utica still sees higher prices that most of the nation. Even Syracuse has lower prices.
Stealing Gasoline with Tinfoil?
An interesting robbery took place over the weekend in northwest Indiana.  A gas station in Michigan City was robbed of several hundreds of dollars of fuel with just a few sheets of aluminum foil.
Ways to Save Gas and Money
The price of everything continues to rise as our paychecks remain the same.  From grocery store items to health insurance.  The biggest strain on most pocketbooks is prices at the pump.  Gas is higher in the Utica/Rome area than anywhere else in New York State.  Here's a lis…