The National Toy Hall of Fame, based in Rochester, New York, has released its list of nominees for 2017. A few of these toys are questionable, while a few others should definitely already be inducted.

Beth and I disagreed about the paper airplane. I said Yes. She said No Way.

Come on, man. It's game day. Paper airplanes were a big part of my youth. Mostly because we didn't have video games or fidget spinners. But still...

Did you know there was a movie about a paper airplane national championship?

It scored 82% with critics and 63% with audiences on

With numbers like that, it deserves consideration. Certainly more than...sand. Yes, sand is one of the nominees.

"What?" That was our friend Jeff's response. "Are they considering ROCKS, too?"

Good point. There's no movie about sand.

At least some of the other nominees have merit. Board games like Clue and Risk are on the ballot for 2017. As are Matchbox cars. And, the Magic 8 Ball. Do you think it stands a chance to get in?

It is decidedly so.

But...sand? Really? Maybe in some remote village in coastal Micronesia, where the only other toy is a coconut they use as a soccer ball. But, not in the United States. Not up in here.

The list of 2017 nominees can be perused and/or ridiculed here. I suggest you print it off. And make it into a paper airplane.


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