Class is now in session, directioners, and be warned—Professor Styles is a total stickler for proper grammar!

One Direction fan Taelor Ford learned this lesson the hard (lucky?) way a few days ago when she attended the band's show in Philadelphia on September 1. Like most excited 1D fans, Ford had brought with her a homemade banner to wave at the band from the crowd. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for the high school student, there was a big, glaring, though understandable grammar error on her hand-written poster.

"Hi Harry! Your so nice," it read, along with a big hand-drawn heart.

Styles, noticing the mistake, quickly asked for a pen and had security bring the sign to him on stage where he promptly corrected it, adding an apostrophe and letter "e" where needed so it would read "you're," before handing it back to the young fan.

According to BBC Newsbeat, which spoke to Taelor following the event, the sixteen-year-old was not upset about the incident whatsoever—of course, who would be? Harry was also kind enough to autograph the poster before handing it back over. Nice, indeed!

"I actually wasn't embarrassed at all. I was kind of happy that I misspelled it," Taelor explained to Newsbeat. "He fixed the spelling, he changed the 'your' to 'you're,' and then he signed it, 'Thank you, love Harry.' I'm not really good at English at all. But I'm just so happy one of them noticed the sign!"

The autographed poster now hangs upon Taelor's bedroom wall, grammar correction and all.

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