Just in case we didn't have a zillion reasons to love Harry Styles of One Direction already, the curly-topped cutie has given us a new one: He's good to his mum!

Hazza treated his mother, Anne Cox, to a new four-bedroom house for her birthday. (We're tearing up. We can't.) "Harry is really close to his mum Anne and loves being able to treat her to nice things," a family friend told Now Daily. "This is a special gift for her, to say thank you for all the wonderful things she's done over the years."

Cox is in the process of moving out of her old neighborhood, and the locals are going to miss her and her little boy. "Everyone in the village is talking about Anne leaving," a source said. "She's moving further into the countryside in a four-bed luxury house with lots of land. Harry is a great lad and very much liked by everyone around the village."

The source revealed that Styles and his mom didn't have the easiest time. "Anne's struggled with two divorces and being a single mother," the source added. "Harry couldn't wait to give her the keys on her birthday as a massive thank you." Okay, seriously? He's adorable, talented, successful and a complete and total sweetheart? We think we've found the planet's last perfect man.

It's not the first pad Harry's purchased recently. He plunked down a cool $4.8 million on a new mansion of his own in London -- that may be haunted!

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