You've probably seen the hashtag "First World Problems" on social media. It's the same idea, but with problems that we have to deal with specifically in our area.

The whole idea of #FirstWorldProblems is complaining about things that are rough for us, but when you look at the whole world, the problem really isn't that bad. Like a first world problem may be having a slow internet connection (which is always a pain in the you-know-what), but slow internet really isn't that bad of a problem considering other places of the world are dealing with hunger, war, disease, and things like that. Here are just a few "First World Problems" we've found:




There's even a whole twitter account dedicated to our problems: @CNYProblems - These are just a few of their great tweets:




If we were going to create any tweets for our problems, they would probably look like this one:

A gift certificate to Teddy's in Rome?? but I live in Utica. I don't want to drive 15 miles out of my way, even for free food #CNYProblems

And maybe this:

Why can't I have beautiful views on my drive. Instead I'm looking at shopping carts. Seriously what's with ALL THESE CARTS?? #CNYProblems


What's your #CentralNewYork problems? Tweet them to us: @Lite987 or drop them in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page.





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