Nestled in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in Rome is an odd-looking building. Built entirely of wood, and surrounded by a wooden palisade fence, recessed into the ground and topped with nasty looking spikes, this building is a remnant of one of the most crucial times in American history.

The building that stands there today is only a modern recreation of the original Fort Stanwix, but it serves as a museum to remind us of the bravery demonstrated in 1777, when the Fort withheld a prolonged siege by the British.

Fort Stanwix 2

Fort Stanwix was built in 1758. The location was chosen because it was a Native American portage location, and was at the intersection of multiple important waterways. The fort was initially utilized in the French and Indian War.

After the war, the fort was abandoned, but was repaired in 1774, leaving it in good condition for the siege that would take place only a few years later. At this time, the fort was renamed ‘Fort Schuyler’, named in honor of General Philip Schuyler.

Fort Stanwix

In 1777, concurrently with the Battle of Oriskany, the Fort was sieged by British forces. Thanks in part to the bravery exhibited by General Nicholas Herkimer and his men at Oriskany, the fort held, leading to future French support of the American cause, as well as later military successes.

After the war, the fort slowly fell into disrepair, due to nature and to fire. By the mid-1800s, the fort was built over, bringing prosperity to Rome, but throwing the fort into obscurity. It wasn’t until the 1930s, when president Franklin D. Roosevelt established the fort as a national historic site, that the site became prominent again. Throughout the 20th century, the fort was rebuilt, and turned into a historic site.

As with many locations that have a bloody history, Fort Stanwix is reported to be haunted. Many of these spirits are connected to the history of the building. Drum and fife music is reported to be heard from the parade grounds. Apparitions of spirits dressed in American and British military uniforms are reported wandering around the grounds. A one-legged man is spotted in the living quarters.

Interestingly enough, another spirit spotted in the fort is that of a young boy, who is often glimpsed as he runs around a corner. Visitors have reported hearing the ghostly voice of a woman, wailing for her lost child. Are the two connected?
While investigations of the fort are rare, psychics who have visited the location have felt immense amounts of paranormal energy from the site, leading them to declare this location extremely haunted.

Next time you visit, keep an eye out. Maybe you’ll be the next person to see these spirits.


Haunted Historic Fort Ticonderoga ~ CNY Paranormal

In 1776, the Revolutionary War ravaged through upstate New York. Because of our proximity to Canada, which at the time was a British/French territory, Utica and the area surrounding it became the last defense of the soon to be United States. Vicious and bloody battles were fought in the area, staining the area with imprints of that violence.

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