Attention, adventurers, thrill seekers, ghost hunters, and amateur paranormal enthusiasts: an experience awaits at two of New York’s Finger Lakes that might interest you. Mysterious sounds have been heard for years that no one has been able to figure out.

Some have described the noise as a booming gunshot, while others have heard what they describe as the sound of drums. In either case, these strange noises have been heard on repeated occasions at both Cayuga Lake in Ithaca (about two hours south of the Mohawk Valley) and about two hours west at Seneca Lake.

Here are some of the various theories and legends:

-It's Native American ghosts beating their drums or firing their guns to signal their presence over waters that were once exclusively their domain. Author James Fenimore Cooper wrote a short story about the phenomenon titled "The Lake Gun" in 1850.

-The booms are "skyquakes," which are sonic booms caused by meteors entering our atmosphere or other natural activity.

-The noises emanate from bio gases caused by decaying vegetation below a lake's surface or by underwater caves burping up gas from limestone decays.

There have been no solid conclusions, so you'll just have to plan a short road trip and try to find out for yourself whether it's natural phenomena or ghosts.


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