Lite 98.7 is your favorite station featuring the best variety from the 80s to today. And, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Lite 98.7 becomes your home for the holidays with Christmas music.

Now, let Lite 98.7 take you back to the 60s with a classic song all about Utica Club beer. "The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song," by the Utica Club Natural Beer Drinking Band, was actually published by RCA Records in 1968. According to a regional historical site,, the song is "one of the hippest, most singable commercial jingles ever recorded." Listen below and decide for yourself:

"The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song" was created specifically for the F.X. Matt Brewing Company by noted composer Sascha Burland and used in a TV ad featuring a crazy, swinging dance club.

Vinyl 45-record copies of The Utica Club beer song were given away to anyone taking a tour of the brewery. The song's style is reminiscent of other psychedelic hits of the era, like "Green Tambourine," by the Lemon Pipers.

Do YOU have a copy of the Utica Club 45? Do you remember the TV ad?


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