Have you seen 15 year old Shane Wood? He was last seen in Herkimer and is reported as missing.

According to a Facebook post, he was last seen in Herkimer and is possibly being held against his will in Utica. The family tells us he went missing three days ago, so on Tuesday August 25th. A last message sent to a friend said he was "not allowed to leave." Do you have any information at all?

Shane was reported as a runaway 3 days ago. The police picked him up in Herkimer and was transporting him back to his mother Melissa who lives in Cold Brook. The officer told Melissa that he tried to knock on the door and shined his flashlight inside and got no response. Mind you she has numerous dogs that literally bark at the wind. Without a response they dropped the minor of in Herkimer without a parent or guardian. The address they gave the mother was an abandoned building in Herkimer. Shanes aunt contacted one of his friends. The friend said Shane came to his house but the friend told him he had to leave. The next the friend heard was that Shane was somewhere in Utica. The friend tried to get Shane to meet him at the corner store on Seymour in Utica. Then Shane replied that whoever he was with wouldn't let him leave.

We will update this story when more information is released.

Photo via Matthew Masur
Photo via Matthew Masur

If so, please contact New York State Police at 315-866-7111.

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