Matt grew up on a farm so animals have special meaning to him. Most goats are lovable and friendly, so when he saw the misfortune of Gilbert, he wanted to share his story.

Baldwinsville's Sandra Seabrook runs a youth program for youth that incorporates rescued animals.  She already has plenty of animals on her farm, so originally she said she couldn't take in any more in. However, after a video she saw melted her heart, she changed her mind, and welcomed Gilbert into her home.

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Gilbert was born a meat goat, but he suffered from frostbite early on in life. He lost both feet and a portion of his back legs, plus a chunk of both ears. When he was taken to be slaughtered, the goat was rejected since you can't slaughter injured animals.

Gilbert has a Go Fund Me page, and you can help out this gut by clicking HERE.


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