A woman found this Central New York ring...in Greenfield, Indiana.

She reached out to Rome's Michael Brown, the co-owner of Coppercino's, because the name "Mike Brown" IS on the side of the ring, and he was the first person with that name that came up when she did a search. He posted this statement on his Facebook page:

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It's a Longshot but.. I need your help. I was contacted by a lady from Indiana this afternoon who said that she found this class ring (from Oneida, NY) and there is an inscription including "Michael Brown" inside - and had tracked me down - since I'm close to Oneida. I laughed because there are just so many with the name! Anyone have contact with this person or a lead? She's in Greenfield, Indiana, which is where the ring was found in May 2020. I have her contact information.

Here's his post, along with pictures of the ring:

If you have any relevant info, please respond to the Facebook post and maybe we can re-unite the ring with its rightful owner.

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