There's Halloween displays and then there's Karl Housel's house. His Halloween attraction is one of the best in central New York and may not return this year without your help.

Housel's yard near Canandaigua, New York is covered with hand crafted trees in different poses, some even lighted, and skeletons, lots and lots of skeletons. If he wants to continue the display this year, he'll need a special use permit from the town of Hopewell’s planning board to allow people to walk the property and have a good old fashion Halloween fun.

"The permit application will be looked at in a more favorable view if I can show all the support we can get from you," said Housel. "We need to show the planning board how much fun we have, how much it means to the community and how much we would miss it if it goes away."

Housel is asking for friends and visitors who have come and enjoyed Haunted Housel year after year to sign a petition. "Our joy and pleasure is bringing Halloween fun to our community and town during the fall season. Please sign this online petition and share it with your friends to save Haunted Housel."

Taylor Kimball says his Karl has been creating elaborate displays for a long time. "Every year since I was a kid, but it's really grown a lot in the last several years. He's just a kid at heart, honestly."

Haunted Housel Halloween Display

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