Ashley Orians from Canandaigua met her best friend, a tabby cat named Charlie, when she was in college in 2010. Found with a broken tail on the college campus, Charlie was immediately taken in as a member of the family.

They had a great life together and were inseparable, but that all changed the day that Charlie went missing.

Orians was living in Charleston, South Carolina at the time. She walked the streets, put up fliers, and never gave up in the hunt to find her companion. She eventually moved back to Upstate New York, and even then continued the search.

Fast forward to 2021: Orians is a nurse currently battling the coronavirus and is stuck home in quarantine, still continuing to search for Charlie. Her other two cats passed away in 2020 and she was starting to lose hope.

Then, something miraculous happened, according to News 10.

Scrolling through Facebook, she came across missing pets page that spotted an orange tabby who just happened to have the same unique characteristic as Charlie: a broken tail. And now, thanks to many kind people, the two are reunited.

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Charlie was being cared for by a dentist's office. They did their duty making sure he was well fed and taken care of, and many patients saw him as the friendly area cat. After finding him on the Facebook page, Orians worked with a pet concierge/transport service to get him home safely, since she was stuck in quarantine and couldn't make the trip to South Carolina.

Now, just like Orians provided a comforting place for Charlie after she found him, Charlie is back to comfort her as she recovers from the virus.

“I just can’t even say how excited I am that he’s back and what a great start to 2021, I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” Ashley told News 10.

We're not're crying. This story should be made into a movie!

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