As we gear up for Super Bowl 48, Sunday February 2nd, 2014 between The Denver Broncos and The Seattle Seahawks, one thing is for sure. We most likely won't see these crazy plays or penalties called, that actually could happen during an NFL game. goes into detail about some of the strangest NFL rules on the books, and so we thought we'd share some with you. For example:

The Coin Toss

coin toss
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There are multiple rules that could cause penalties during a coin toss. One of the strangest is the "on schedule" rule. If the team's captain does not make it onto the field in time for a toss, they cannot participate in any future tosses, even in case of an overtime.

'Two' Many Time Outs

nfl time out
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Did you know that a team cannot call two time outs in a row? If this happens, they will be charged with an "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalty and will be charged 15 yards.

Kickoffs That Go Out Of Bounds

kick off
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We already know that teams get huge penalties if the ball is kicked out of bounds during a kick-off. Did you know there are ways the receiving team can take advantage of their mistake? The kickoff team can receive another penalty if an active player steps out of bounds, stays there and with their feet out of bounds, reaches towards the field and grabs the football before anyone else. If successful, the the kicking team receives a penalty.

The Fake Punt

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When it's 4th and long, most teams punt but they actually have the option of calling a fake punt and passing the ball to a receiver. It's never used because the potential receivers on the end of the formation can never have pass interference called for them. This means that defenders can tackle them or use any means necessary to make sure they do not catch the ball.

The Third String Quarterback

John Parra/NFLPhotoLibrary/Getty Images
John Parra/NFLPhotoLibrary/Getty Images

Injuries can pile up in an NFL game, so teams are allowed to have an active player designated as their third string quarterback. Heck, The Buffalo Bills grabbed a guy off the practice squad the be the QB, and he ended up starting a few games. The thing is, this QB cannot play any other position and if he comes in before the fourth quarter, then the teams first two QBs cannot re-enter the game.

A Palpaby Unfair Act

NFL players
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In very very rare occasions, a team can be awarded a touchdown if the other team does something plainly seen as absurd. If a benched player storms on the field and tackles an active player about to score, they automatically get a touchdown. Other examples of a palpaby unfair act are: If a coach or staff member interferes on the field, if many of the players rush onto the field in the middle of a play or if player throws an object on the field right in the middle of a play.

A Drop Kick Field Goal

Doug Flutie
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Being a Buffalo Bills fan, I recall when QB Doug Flutie attempted this. The place holders usually position the football when attempting an NFL field goal but there is a rarely-used method that is accepted by NFL rules called the 'Drop Kick'. The kicker must stand 10 yards back from the ball and it has to be hiked directly into his hands. He drops the ball straight down in front of him and lets it bounce off the ground. As the ball rises again, the kicker may punt the ball towards the field goal uprights attempting to score.

Quite bizarre isn't it?

Well, there you have it, some of the strangest things that can happen during a football game. Let's just hope for a good game all together.

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