The Super Bowl halftime show was rocked by two moms over the age of 40, so stop judging.

The morning after the Super Bowl, my Facebook feed was completely divided: half loved the Shakira/Jennifer Lopez halftime show, and the other half hated it. In full disclosure, I slept through the entirety of the Super Bowl, so I was forced to watch the halftime show on YouTube.

Based on what I was reading on Facebook, I expected to see a performance that was bordering on pornographic. Instead, I saw two women - both over the age of 40, both moms - rocking the heck out of that stage.

There were several comments about costumes, about JLo busting out some of her 'Hustlers' pole-dancing moves, and about Shakira's tongue. Weird, because I don't recall too many people complaining about Adam Levine's bare chest last year.

Instead of judging, why not be inspired that at 43 and 50, respectively, Shakira and JLo just showed that moms can do anything, in front of an audience that tops 90 million viewers.

Instead of being offended, why not give some props to women who are out there proving that women are capable of anything, at any age?

(And PS, if my butt looked as good as JLo's did, I'd be rocking those costumes too.)

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