If you drove through Utica last night, you may have noticed the Adirondack Bank Center was lit red. There's a very sad reason why.

Utica Comets via Facebook
Utica Comets via Facebook

The Utica Comets lit the bank in their color in honor of dedicated member of their team. Mike Schreck was a long serving volunteer at the Adirondack Bank Center, ever since the inception of the Comets.

Unfortunately, Mike recently passed away. Everyone in the building though the least they could do for someone as impactful as Mike, was to light the building in his favorite Comets red for the night.

Credit- Kathy Orth Elthorp via Facebook
Credit- Kathy Orth Elthorp via Facebook

Mike was truly a true, passionate hockey fan. When he wasn't volunteering, you could spot him standing along the concourse with a Utica Club in hand. The entire Comets organization will miss seeing him at every game during their season.

His presence will be missed throughout the AUD, both as a hard worker and a friend.

Besides hockey, Mike also loved golfing and camping with his family. He was a ruitine volunteer at events across Utica and the Mohawk Valley. This includes the Boilermaker, American Greatest Heart Run and Walk, the Ride for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Herkimer County Fair.

Thoughts and prayers from everyone at the Adirondack Bank Center go out to his friends and family. Enjoy a Comet's post-season playoff game in memory Michael this year.

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