Everyone likes to spend their time differently when the power goes out at home. Are you like any of these Central New Yorkers?

This winter storm has come through, leaving loads of heavy snow across the region. The snow can lead to difficult driving conditions and snow days for kids in school, but there's one problem it can cause when the snow is much heavier than usual.

Power lines weighed down by ice cause damage along a country road.

Power Outages

Bad weather like rain and snow can cause major power outages at a moments notice. After Tuesdays snowstorm, nearly 90,000 National Grid customers are without power. Some areas may not see it restored until early Wednesday morning.

All this talk about power outages makes us wonder... what do most Central New Yorkers do when the power goes out? We spend so much of our time online, on our phones, or with some sort of electronic device nowadays. It makes you think, would some people even know what to do without electricity.


Thankfully, Central New Yorkers are that lost in technology. There are so many things people enjoying doing when losing power. Some see it as a break and time to go "off the grid", while others carry on with their regular lives.

Do you do the same thing as any of these other Central New Yorkers?

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