Santa will be making a tour around New Hartford on Christmas Eve. Here's where you can catch the big guy.

Santa Claus is a busy guy this time of year, so it's really lucky that he'll be available to do one last check of his naughty and nice list as he rides a fire engine all around New Hartford.

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The New Hartford Fire Department, who'll be escorting Santa, says they can't give exact times when Santa will arrive on each street or pass through each parking lot, so kids will need to listen for the sirens. The tour starts at 12 noon.

Santa will travel the following route:

Oxford Rd
High School
Sanger Ave
Gilbert Rd
Hubbardton Rd
Foxcroft Rd
Woodberry Rd
Oxford Rd
Kellogg Rd
Chapman Rd
Meadowbrook Dr
Valley View
Higby Rd
Hughes Elementary
Stonebridge Rd
White Pine Rd
Lower Woods Rd
Westminster Rd
Genesee St
Clinton Rd
Myles Elementary
Sycamore Dr
Pinecrest Rd
Oakdale Ave
Seneca Turnpike
Applewood Development
Cherrywood Development
Thank you to the volunteers at the New Hartford Fire Department for making Santa's visit a reality.
USA Today.In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the staffing at NORAD's call center is being reduced from the usual 150-160 volunteers per shift to just 10 per shift. Usually, 1500 volunteers will field over 130,000 calls from people tracking Santa.

Callers can still call to get through to a member of the military or other volunteer, but others will get a recorded update on Santa’s current location when they dial the NORAD Tracks Santa toll-free number, 1-877-Hi-NORAD.

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