How much milk will Santa Claus drink Christmas Eve 2023 across New York State and the world? Dairy experts have predictions to share.

The Dairy Farmers of America did the math, so all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the facts. According to WFMJ, the dairy co-op estimates Santa will drink nearly 6.9 million gallons of milk as he makes his way across the United States.

There are approximately 300 million kids or 86 million homes that celebrate Christmas. With 1 glass of milk left out for Santa in each home, Santa drinks around 86 million glasses or 688 million ounces of milk (that’s enough to fill 8 Olympic-sized swimming pools!). Even for Santa, that is a lot of milk. To mix it up, you can leave out different flavors of milk for Santa to try on his way to the next house!"

According to the Dairy Alliance, milk provides 13 essential nutrients that give Santa the ability to lead his reindeer to all the kids around the world. Nutrients found in real milk keep Santa’s bones strong so he can carry his bag full of toys down the chimney and withstand the speed of his sleigh.

How Many Calories Santa Would Eat on Christmas Eve

From the Spoon University, they have data that assumes Santa only eats ONE cookie at each house in the world where kids leave them out.  Santa would be consuming a total of 123.5 BILLION calories and 6.65 BILLION grams of fat.

There are 3500 calories in one pound, so in one night, he’d be gaining over 35 million pounds, solely from his caloric intake. Santa would need to go on a serious diet after this, so hopefully he gets something other than cookies."

In one night, Santa will hit 950 million households worldwide, while gaining more than 39 million pounds, yet he never gains a single ounce. It's all Christmas magic.

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