It's that time of year and with snow on the way, you can't help but think about it. There are those who live in the Mohawk Valley because they love what winter brings. And then, there are those people who like living in the Mohawk Valley, but hate winter.

A new poll was just released and it found the worst things about winter include shorter days, not enough sun, scraping ice off your windshield, slipping and falling, and having to get out of your warm bed in the morning.

So we asked you, what exactly do you hate most about winter? And some of the responses were the same, some were different.

Linda Winn: "Driving on ice, snow and slush especially when it is snowing so bad you can’t see a thing including the road."

Becky Rockwell: "Other drivers tailgating you during a storm when you're trying to get home safe and trying to avoid a collision with other cars."

Bonnie Peck Dugan Bentley: "Driving in bad weather, the extreme cold, the icy conditions. Should I go on.....!?!?"

Jaime Jackson: "Ugh definitely driving in it, the cold temps, shoveling or snow blowing, throwing rock salt down, the wind is bitter, the national grid bill, cleaning it off the cars, dry skin, chapped lips, I'm sure there's more."

Tricia Kiah: "Bulky coats & boots, shoveling, lack of sun light."

David Maynard: "Listening to others complain about something that's out of their control."

And then, there are all those people who said "absolutely nothing at all!" And clearly, you love this time of year.

For me, I'd probably say the worst part for me is lack of sunlight. I get into a mood this time of year and I hate it.

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