Let's be fair here, pretty much every road in the Utica-Rome area is just flat out bad. Whether it's potholes or traffic. There is one that quite a few people agree is hands down the absolute worst!

So this is that moment you're thinking in your head, wondering what road it is. Could it be The Arterial? Maybe it's Oriskany Boulevard or River Road? Well, it actually is none of the above. The worst road in the Utica-Rome area is actually tucked away in Rome itself. Lorena Road.

You may be thinking, where on earth is Lorena Road? It connects Sleepy Hollow Road and Turin Road actually. Just a little residential road less than a mile long that is like a roller coaster according to someone who commented on Facebook. Many people in the office here hadn't heard of this road. Also can't say I have, but who knows every single road in the area?


Such a short little road, but it seems to be quite the hassle for many people. I can only imagine that those people live on that road. The comment on Facebook also had said that it needs to be redone. So, come on Rome! Get to paving!

As for the other 14 roads, we have a lot of common culprits entering the mix. Some for having an insane amount of potholes. Others are flat out because traffic is just a major pain in the rear end no matter when you drive on it. The common denominator they have is, you voted on them. All of the roads below and Lorena Road also were named when I put up a question on Facebook. So here they are!

14 More Roads In The Utica-Rome Area Everyone Hates

I put out a question last night on Facebook, here are the streets people commented as being the worst in the Utica-Rome area.

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