Here's more proof that dogs are man's best friend. A brave pooch in Brewster, NY loves her owner this much!  A service dog in Brewster, NY named Figo saw a moving school bus coming toward her blind owner. Next she put her life on the line by barreling in front of it, shielding her from a near deadly blow. The two were attempting to cross the road when a fast moving bus came out of nowhere. In a split second decision, the courageous dog leaped in front of the closest part of the bus to help buffet the blow.

Both were injured: The owner, Audrey Stone suffered several broken bones; Figo sustained injuries to her leg. The sweet dog also lost some of her fur in the accident. Through it all, Figo stayed faithfully by her owner's side. Immediately after the incident she whimpered and limped over to her momma to let her know just how much she cared.  Audrey is expected to fully recover. Figo was given a hero's welcome at the local veterinary clinic. It's anticipated that both will be released soon.

With friends like Figo it's no wonder we love our pets so much. Many agree that this self- sacrificing dog saved her owner's life. Something tells me Figo will be getting a couple of biscuits when she returns home from the doctor. Who knows, she may even receive a four course steak dinner!

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