HGTV is revitalizing one small hometown in New York and you can watch the magic unfold.

A project that started in Laurel, Mississippi, is expanding to help small towns all across the country. HGTV hosts Ben and Erin Napier, are creating change after seeing the impact their Home Town Takeover had on the community. "We asked ourselves if it's possible to do it here then why couldn't we do it in another small town," said Ben.

Credit - HGTV via YouTube
Credit - HGTV via YouTube

Home Town Kickstart

The HGTV Home Town Takeover is turning the show into a movement with Home Town Kickstart, a new series coming to 6 towns, including Cornwall, New York.

"Erin and I have renovated more than 80 homes in Laurel for Home Town and we've seen how these improvements change a community for the better," <a href="" target="_blank">said </a>Ben. "Now, with help from HGTV, we're going to continue what we started and help more small towns across the country."

Kickstart Cornwall

Home Town Kickstart will refresh a home of a local hero, upgrade a small business, and revitalize a public space to change the lives of everyone in the town.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent get creative as they boost Cornwall, New York's storybook charm. They dress up a beloved Main Street boutique, work with local leaders to create a fun gathering space and update the home of the town's most-caring family.

Ty Pennington, Jasmine Roth, and Alison Victoria have been called in to help revitalize Cornwall, New York with Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent.

Cornwall Town Supervisor Josh Wojehowski believes the community will be proud of the stories captured of Hometown Heros, small business owners, and local leaders in the HGTV episode.

We don’t always agree what’s best, but realize how special Cornwall is and want to preserve its history, way of life while moving into the future and making it better.

The Hometown Kickstart series premiered on Sunday, April 24 and the Cornwall, New York episode will air on Sunday, May 8 on HGTV.

This isn't the first time HGTV has come to New York. Gramps Old House was featured on Cheap Old Houses.

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