The agony of asking a girl if she'd like to go to the prom with you is non-existent at one high school.

Aquin High School, in Freeport, Ill., has an unusual tradition in which each boy in the junior and senior class pulls a girl's name out of a hat to learn who'll accompany them on their big night.

The boys conduct the drawing in the school library, while the girls remain in the gym waiting until their assigned knights in shining armor come in and announce who's going to prom with them.

Let's just hope they grant a boy a do-over if he pulls his sister's name.

It's an eyebrow-raising method, but it's one that has gone on for generations to make sure everyone has a date for the prom. In fact, this marks the 91st year the drawing will take place.

There are certainly a few ways to look at this ritual. You could say it's sweet because no student will feel the sting of being dateless, while also spending time with classmates with whom they may not socialize. On the flip side is the school of thought that this is political correctness run amok which also prevents kids from learning the excruciating art of asking someone out .

What do you think -- is a prom drawing a good idea or should the school not get involved?

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