Graduation day is supposed to be a memorable occasion. It certainly was for this girl -- but for all the wrong reasons.

Mansfield High School, in Mansfield, La., recently held its graduation ceremony and the star of the show was this poor girl who took an ill-timed tumble.

Shreveport's K94.5 delightfully reported the mishap, in which she fell for 12 seconds. Twelve seconds! With a big crowd in attendance watching her take the spill, that must've seemed like an eternity.

She had her diploma in hand, so while she clearly made the grade in history and math, it looks like she came up short in the more basic life skill known as walking.

Somehow, we get the feeling she's really regretting her decision to wear high heels instead of flats.

In the end, we hope she could laugh it off and walk proud once she got back on her feet. After all, she just graduated. Everyone should be proud of that, right?

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