Who is making the big bucks on tv?  NBC has  the highest paid people on tv,  according to ' TV Guide' and they're in the news department. 


For his role on the ' Today' show, Matt Lauer makes $17 million.  Brian Williams earns $13 million annually, while Diane Sawyer over at ABC is making $12 million.  CNN's Anderson Cooper pulls in $11 million annually and Fox's Bill O'Reilly take in $10 milion.  How about the drama and comedy stars?  Ashton is the highest paid sitcom actor on tv, pulling in a cool $700,000 per episode for his role on 'Two and a Half Men.'   Tied with Ashton is actor Hugh Laurie of  the show 'House,' who also makes $700,000 per episode.  Singer Christina Aguilera makes alot more than her fellow coaches on ' The Voice.'  She earns $225,000 per episode while Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton only make $75,000 each per episode.

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