In yet another 2016 presidential campaign surprise, Hillary Clinton had a huge lead over Donald Trump in traditionally Republican Rome, New York.

Since late August, customers Ballister's Bistro in Rome have been “voting” for their favorite “presidential selection” sandwich . The one that sells the most will receive a donation of $20.16. "At last count Hillary had received 67% of all votes cast, Donald has been picked by just 23% of customers, and Johnson and Stein have received the approximate number of votes they are tracking in most national polls--7% and 3% respectively,” said Dan Ballister, owner of Ballister’s Bistro.

Here's how it all began.

“It has been an interesting campaign for sure,” said Ballister. “People have come in to specifically cast their votes for Clinton and Trump. They clearly wanted their preference to be known. We also have a large following of female customers. I can only assume they are supporting Hillary in a big way which follows the trend in many national polls. And a few Trump supporters stated our ballot was ‘rigged’ because they felt the Clinton sandwich had better ingredients than the Trump!”

This was the Presidental Menu available.

Daniel Ballister
Daniel Ballister

Since Clinton’s sandwich was the clear winner, Ballister will honor his pledge to donate $20.16 to her campaign.

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