The suspense and wonder will end tonight but it appears the fans of the Buffalo Bills will be able to mark two major holidays with nationally televised broadcasts.

While the NFL has released the opponent of each team for the 2022-23 season, when each club will actually face-off won't be officially released until tonight. However, there have been leaks.

At least one of those leaks appears to be inaccurate.

After word began to spread on Tuesday that the Bills would be featured in the third and final game of the annual Thanksgiving Tripleheader, reportedly battling the Baltimore Ravens, word has circulate today that Buffalo will actually visit Detroit to face the Lions in the first of three games on Thanksgiving (12:30).

Meanwhile, while the time of the contest is not yet known, the Bills' fan website reports Buffalo will also be featured in a nationally televised broadcast on Christmas Eve against another NFC North opponent, the Chicago Bears.

The site says it has confirmed the Bills will visit Chicago for that game, but has not posted the scheduled start time.

Additionally, while not confirmed as of this posting, the fan-site says it has heard from reliable sources that Buffalo will also get the nod for another featured contest - Opening Night.

Buffalo Rumblings believes the Bills will again be on the road, hitting the West Coast to kick-off the NFL season against the defending Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams.

The full NFL league scheduled is due to be released at 8:00 p.m. tonight.

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