If you're looking to mix pajamas, music, bingo, and Christmas together, there's one place in Upstate New York with all of that.

Comedy CNY is hosting the first ever Holiday Pajama Jam Music Bingo at Meier's Creek in Cazenovia on Friday December 8th:

Get ready to put on your most creative, fun, silly, and ugly sweaters, costumes, and attire! This in-person event promises a night filled with joy, music, prizes and friends. Challenge your music knowledge with our Holiday-themed bingo game, where you'll have to identify songs and artists to mark off your bingo card. It's a unique twist on the classic game that will keep you entertained throughout the evening."

You'll have a shot to win some incredible prizes. So whether you're a music aficionado or just love a good time, this event is perfect for everyone. If you don't recognize a song, the host will be right there to help, or you can rely on your friends and fellow players to share the love.

A winner is determined by the first player to hit the required pattern and shout out "BINGO!" Winners get to spin our prizes wheel for a chance at a variety of cool prizes from Amazon gift cards to unique giveaways. (No cash prizes at this event.)

Don't miss out on the opportunity to dance, mingle, and have a blast with fellow Christmas-season enthusiasts. So grab your friends, put on your favorite costumes and attire, and join in for an unforgettable night at the first ever Holiday Pajama Jam.


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